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Diamond Certification

The only true way of knowing the quality of your diamond is from the certification. Here at Campbell Jewellers we only use the three highest Diamond certified laboratories: GIA, HRD and IGI. Anyone could certify a diamond but these three are the absolute highest standard of diamond standardisation and recognition.

Here at Campbell Jewellers we want you to be fully informed AND BE 100% happy with your stone and its quality.

All of our diamonds are chosen by our in-house diamond expert Ronan. With over 15 years experience, he will hand pick an extraordinary diamond for your perfect bespoke and one of a kind engagement ring.

We can cater to all budgets and give you the best price diamond of the highest quality validated by our certification of GIA, HRD and IGI.

If you are offered a diamond certified by any other body or one which is unspecified, it would be recommended that you consider why they would choose anything but the best of diamonds. How can you compare diamond prices and qualities objectively? Shop for a diamond that has been certified, not by just anyone, but by GIA, HRD or IGI – The three most reputable bodies.

GIA’s mission is to ensure the public trust in gems and jewellery by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, research, laboratory services and industry development. GIA grading is undeniably recognised throughout the jewellery industry as the best, unbiased evaluation of diamonds. Established in 1931, GIA is the world’s most respected authority of diamonds and is the leading source of knowledge, standards and education in gems and jewellery. This GIA report provides a unique blueprint of the diamond’s attributes such as the four C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. All our GIA diamonds will come with this certification when you purchase your diamond ring – this is the ultimate assurance of the diamond’s quality.

The HRD Antwerp diamond lab is the largest diamond lab in the world that issues reliable diamond certificates, grading and jewellery reports fully compliant with the rules for grading polished diamonds set by the International Diamond Council. HRD diamond lab applies an uncompromising operating code which it supports by using some of the most sophisticated technology and qualified graders available. The extensive in-house research department makes sure all processes are updated according to the latest industry developments.