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Ronan Campbell FAQ

Why should I buy diamonds from Ronan Campbell?

Ronan Campbell has been immersed in the diamond business for almost 20 years. His network of trusted dealers spans the world. The personal experience from start to finish will make it very clear from the outset you are dealing with an expert removing the unnecessary pomp while keeping the attention to detail and personal touch, a level of continuity which cannot be replicated in a big chain or high street store. His keen eye for only selecting the finest diamonds to suit his clients needs and budgets has the majority of his clients turn into friends who come back to Ronan for every special occasion.

In most retail environments staff of many different levels of diamond education must sell the inventory in front of them as their store/company owns it and must try to get a return, this can sometimes lead to suggesting diamonds which for whatever reason bought at the wrong time/currency fluctuations, high prices, lower qualities have sat there for many years.

Ronan curates a selection of diamonds for each client based solely on their requirements the main benefit of this process is newly available diamonds are shown to clients at the current market price, this eliminates the chance of overpaying for a diamond.

Is this service private?

Ronan is trusted with many sensitive subjects/secrets. He is the first to know about upcoming engagements or special surprise occasions. Trust and privacy are at the core of Ronan’s business. With clients across Ireland, UK & Europe Ronan is here to simplify and educate on what can be an overly stressful process for many.

How do I meet Ronan?

Ronan works by appointment only, you can meet him in his studio at DESIGNYARD or at your home or office whether that is in Dublin or across Ireland. With prior planning Ronan can meet you in London, Geneva, Zurich, Antwerp, Hong Kong or further afield.

I am interested in pink & blue diamonds for investment purposes.

Ronan consults and arranges the purchase of larger white and coloured investment grade diamonds by private investors/funds. Ronan sources and negotiates on his clients behalf through his network. Recently lucky enough to sit with the current owners and study the Shirley Temple Blue Diamond.

With the closure of the Argyle mine (source of 90% of the worlds pink diamonds) scheduled in 2020 now is certainly the time to consider the safe haven of pink diamonds to add an alternative option to your portfolio. Viewing of this class of diamond is only available at our suite in Antwerp.

Are Ronan’s diamonds ethically sourced?

Always adhering to the Kimberley Process (which has its limitations) All of Ronan’s diamonds are ethically sourced through trusted partners many of which Ronan has worked with for over 15 years. Ronan takes this side of his business extremely seriously. Constantly involved in self and formal education. Researching how the diamond business can and does directly benefit the people of African countries like Sierra Leone & Botswana through education and investment in health and infrastructure. Developments in Sierra Leone will hopefully soon see microeconomic benefits impact artisanal miners in a much more meaningful way.

I live in the US can I meet Ronan?

While Ronan does visit the US he does not do so regularly at the moment due to having a young family.

Ronan has trusted colleagues across the US who he is in constant contact with. Ronan will put you in touch with a trusted partner in NYC, Philadelphia or Los Angeles.

I am looking for something unique?

Ronan Campbell is the gemstone and diamond specialist at DESIGNYARD in Dublin a company which at its very heart champions design and craft. The only limit of design is your imagination.

Price Versus Quality

With regard to diamonds Ronan works on margins not multiples this puts him streets ahead of retail stores. While always selecting the finest diamonds and gemstones the cost savings are passed directly to his clients.

How good is Ronan’s quality?

Ronan works with a tiger team of the best crafts people in their specific niches. The vast majority of Ronan’s pieces are hand made in Dublin City. Each project requires different skills and different goldsmiths specialise in different areas.

How can I be sure I can trust Ronan to deliver a special engagement ring?

Simply take a look at the reviews our past clients have left us on Google, Ronan is sure your review will also be there soon. Many of his clients will also take a quick call/email to let you know what you can expect from working with Ronan.

I want to buy a ring what’s next?

While the majority of Ronan’s engagement rings are custom made to order after an initial appointment he holds an ever changing collection in stock at all times he has collections available to view without an appointment in Designyard Dublin and Adare Manor Co.