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asscher cut diamond engagement ring ronan campbell

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

I love the Asscher cut, Asscher is a term in the trade given to what the GIA refer to as a Square Emerald Cut but there is much more to this shape.

This now iconic shape was created by Joseph Asscher in 1902. The cut shape was the first ever to be patented which prevented other diamond companies from replicating it. The style suited the sleek geometric shapes of the Art Deco era perfectly and proved hugely successful. The cuts clean lines and arrangements of facets create a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect, generally more suited to higher clarity diamonds as there are less places for inclusions and imperfections to hide.

2.01ct Square Emerald Cut

As a solitaire engagement ring the shape holds enough character to be perfectly interesting, it can be understated and elegant but on closer inspection can be as dramatic as a kaleidoscope bouncing around all of the colours of the spectrum of light. There are many more ‘facets’ to the story of the Asscher cut such as ‘cut cornered square emerald cuts’ or ‘square emerald cuts’ being referred to incorrectly as Asscher cuts. To the general public this is often over looked but to a diamond geek like me this is fascinating.

I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of meeting with brother and sister Mike & Lita Asscher of The Royal Asscher Family in London a number of years ago. They explained the rich history of their family’s diamond business and the differences between what the general public consider an Asscher but which generally tends to be a square emerald cut or cut cornered square emerald cut. A true “Royal Asscher Cut” is only cut by The Royal Asscher family and comes with a separate certificate which refers to its lazer inscribed individual number and logo. All square step cuts are beautiful and unique, different finishes will appeal to different people. the ‘Royal Asscher Cut” has been updated since its original iteration of Joseph Asscher to create a maximum play of light, some may find it creates to much sparkle, others may prefer the other versions of which there are many.

A selection of Diamonds by Ronan Campbell

Pictured GIA Certified Diamonds From 1ct to 6cts. If you are in the market for a special diamond step cut, square emerald cut or a “Royal Asscher” reach out to me! Not only do I have access to the finest diamonds available I can custom make the most exquisite ring to show it off and deliver it to anywhere in the world.

While the majority of my work is custom made to order you can see my ever changing “Ready to Wear” Collection here at Designyard

Private appointments with me can be arranged by email or through my instagram

Ronan Campbell is a private jeweller, Diamond & Gemstone specialist at DESIGNYARD Dublin Ireland

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