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Top Picks & Predictions: Chrisite’s Magnificent Jewels 12th November Geneva

7ct Emerald Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring by Moussaieff

My Top 5 selections from Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction taking place in Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva on the 12th November 2019, although the top lot is included selections below are my personal choices and not necessarily by value.

A fascinating selection of gems and jewellery from some of the Top Jewellery Houses around the world is on offer from Christie’s next month in Geneva, pieces from Graff, Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, JAR, Schlumberger, Tiffany and Van Cleef & Arpels to name just a few.

1. Moussaieff 7.03ct Fancy Deep Blue Emerald Cut Diamond

7ct Emerald Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring by Moussaieff

A very impressive blue diamond ring by Moussaieff with an auction estimate of CHF 10,000,000 – CHF 14,000,000. As we have seen in the past diamonds of this quality and colour and clarity grade can achieve very high prices, I am going to put my neck on the line here and estimate this could go for at least CHF 17,000,000. I will be watching closely!

7.03ct Fancy Deep Blue Emerald Cut Diamond GIA Report

2. Cartier Exceptional Sapphire & Diamond Brooch

39.19ct Octagonal step-cut sapphire & Diamond Brooch by Cartier

A remarkable Royal Blue Ceylon sapphire is centre stage in this brooch framed perfectly by rectangle and round diamonds by Cartier. This piece is accompanied with reports by AGL, Gübelin & SSEF all 2019 which indicate the absence of any treatments. Auction estimate CHF 500,000 – CHF 700,000 it could achieve considerably more.

3. 10.01ct D Colour Internally Flawless Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

10.01ct D Colour Internally Flawless Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

As a fan of the emerald cut and other step cuts my heart skipped a beat when I spotted this rare beauty. A type IIa diamond is the purest type of diamond devoid of traces of nitrogen or boron. The diamond is set in a simple, elegant setting which could easily be changed if the new owner wanted to make this diamond into a show stopping piece. Auction estimate is CHF 700,000 – CHF 900,000 Which is about right I can see this stone selling for CHF 800,000

10.01ct D Colour Internally Flawless Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

4. JAR Emerald & Diamond Bow Ring

JAR Jewellery are known for the most exquisite pieces. Joel Arthur Rosenthal (JAR) pieces are so sought after he will not sell you a piece unless he feels it matches you perfectly. This stunning Emerald & Diamond Bow Ring is sure to create a stir when the bidding starts. The opportunity to acquire a JAR piece at auction always piques the interest of avid collectors. Based in Place Vendôme Paris creating less than 100 pieces per year. There is no point in stopping by as there is not even a sign outside the door and you may only visit if your appointment has been accepted by Joel.

Auction Estimate CHF 100,000 – CHF 150,000 This piece is sure to reach the higher end estimate figure if not beyond.

5. Sterlé Enamel and Diamond Harlequin Brooch

Sterlé Enamel and Diamond Harlequin Brooch

I think it is the facial expression which drew me to this brooch, a subtle smirk and whimsical flow. From the 1960’s with French Marks circular cut diamonds with vibrant green and blue enamel. Estimate CHF 10,000 – CHF 15,000 I predict it will go for at least CHF 16,000 one of 20 Sterlé brooches on offer, the perfect chance to add to your collection.

Pierre Sterlé is credited for being able to manipulate metal unlike anyone before him, he was seen as an innovator in the jewellery world and enjoyed the support of many large jewellery houses & socialites. Achieving many accolades during his career it is no wonder his pieces especially his brooches continue to see strong demand at auction over 40 years after his death.

There are many more exquisite pieces coming up in this sale from different eras Belle Époque and Art Déco jewels, Sapphires from Kashmir, Rubies from Burma and Emeralds from Colombia this article is only a snap shot to the pieces which piqued my interest. As part of Christie’s Luxury Week which is five auctions including luxury watches, fine & rare wines culminating with the Magnificent Jewels Auction on the 12th of November.


Milan, 12 & 13 September
Rome, 19 & 20 September
London, 22 & 23 October
New York, 1–5 November

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues 7th – 12th

For more information see Christie’s Luxury Week

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Ronan Campbell is a private jeweller, Diamond & Gemstone specialist at DESIGNYARD Dublin Ireland

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